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Icon Home Inspections, Inc. - Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection

Choosing the right home inspection company is an important first step when you require prompt, professional services. At Icon Home Inspections Inc., in London, Ontario, our certified inspectors have the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to identify potential problematic issues within your home.

Icon Home Inspections, Inc. - Mould Inspection Services

Mould Inspection

Icon Home Inspections Inc., is the mould inspection specialist in the London, Ontario region that offers personalized, dedicated services to its clients. Our certified inspectors offer flexible appointment options to accommodate your schedule.

Icon Home Inspections, Inc. - Asbestos testing Services

Asbestos Testing

A dangerous carcinogen, once prevalent in home and commercial construction, asbestos is a fibrous material that can cause a number of serious health issues. That’s why it’s essential to have your home or commercial facility checked for asbestos by a qualified and experienced professional.

Icon Home Inspections, Inc. - Odour Removal Services

Odour Removal

If offensive odours are impacting the air quality in your home, let us complete an ozonation process that can eliminate the odour. Regardless of the cause, Icon Home Inspections Inc., has the tools and resources to eradicate most odours.

Icon Home Inspections, Inc. - Infrared Imaging Services

Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys

Thermal imaging is the technique of using the heat given off by an object to produce an image of it or locate it. This technique is used to locate problematic issues such as heat loss, water intrusion or lack of insulation.

Icon Home Inspections, Inc. - Lead Inspection Services

Lead Inspections And Tests

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